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How to Choose Digital Microscope

Which RESOLUTION fits your purposes best?
There are some sample photos taken by Supereyes microscope on our product list, which would help you to make decision. If you need more photos, please send message to us.
Manual focus microscopes are cheaper and smaller.
Auto focus microscopes save your time. There are three different types of auto-focus Supereyes microscope:
A005/A005+. Firstly use manual focus to find the approximately focal point, and then the fine auto-focus would work for you to find the accurate focal point. The fine auto-focus's working range is about 0 ~ 10mm. If the distance change too much, manual focus is needed. The working distance is 0 ~ ∞ mm.
A004/A004+, touch-point auto-focus, the most fast auto-focus. As long as the object touching or very close to the pointed metal head of A004/A004, the microscope would find the accurate focal point. The working distance is 0 ~ 3mm. To change zoom, please rotate the tail of the device.
A006, ultimate auto-focus, with maximum 50X magnification. Totally auto focus, no manual focus needed. The zoom power depends on the distance between microscope and object: move close for zoom in, move away for zoom out.
In some cases, lens diameter is more important. Please choose the microscope based on your own unique requirement. The tips listed above are only for references.