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WiFi Otoscope with Earwax Scoop

  • $5990

🔅 HD ULTRA CLEAR VIEW: Do you have trouble cleaning your ears? Then having this innovative visual otoscope around will come in handy next time you need to clean your ears.  High-quality lens with color reproduction technology clearly shows the inside of your ears through picture and video. It offers a safe way to clean your ears without damaging the eardrum! 

🔅 QUICK AND SAFE DIAGNOSIS: Want to know whether there is extra earwax or an ear infections without poking around your ears? Then our digital Wi-Fi ear scope will help you save photos and videos to iPhone, Android devices, iPad, and Tablet, which eliminate the need to poke your ears. You can send these photos and videos to your doctors for a quick and easy professional consultation.

🔅3.3mm DIAMETER: You just need to insert the patented 3.3mm in diameter scoop gently into your ear canal and then push it in gently until you can have a clear view.  PLEASE disinfect these speculums with alcohol pad. NOTE: It does NOT support PC/Mac/Linux.

🔅EASY TO OPERATE AND CARRY: Simply install the needed APP in your phone and connect the otoscope directly to your phone; then press & hold the POWER button for a few seconds; you can easily start using it with HD images. It has a compact mini-sized design which comes in handy when traveling or using outdoor. Heat sinks and temperature controls prevent the otoscope camera from getting too warm.

🔅MEDICAL STANDARD STAINLESS STEEL EAR PICKS & SKIN CARE KIT: Ear Wax Removal comes with a round small and smooth curette to help in earwax removal without scratching the walls of your ears—additional three accessories for skincare purposes. As long as you disinfect speculums before use, you can use it on adults, children, and pets. Please make sure you adjust to the correct distance between the probe and your ear to prevent blurry images.