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How to test fabric density by using density mirror

Posted by Jane Ye on

Fabric density determines the quality of textiles. Ordinary consumption through the experience of judgment, the professional people and how to do it?
1, with the aid of cloth or fabric density mirror finish. In fact, it is equivalent to 1 inches within the scope of the cloth to enlarge to see and then move the pointer to warp weft, edge edge count.
For example, the size of the fabric density mirror is 5cm, the analysis of the lens, a piece of a piece of glass with a red line, in the analysis of fabric density, moving the lens, the glass on the red line and the scale on the same line between the two yarns, as a starting point, while the number of the edge of the lens, until the 5cm scale line for this. The number of yarns in the output is multiplied by 2, that is, the density of the 10cm fabric.
2, using digital fabric density analyzer.
Digital fabric density analyzer combined with digital zoom, computer recognition and computing technology. Only two points in the computer screen control fabric, and then pull the grid line to get accurate data fitting. Take less time, no matter how close the cloth, experienced a few seconds can be completed.

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