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What is the latitude and longitude density?

Posted by Jane Ye on

Density of warp and weft is also known as fabric density, fabric density has warp and weft density. The secret is a piece of cloth 1 square inches inside the total number of warp yarns, the weft yarn is in the same way, the total root number.
For example, usually seen in underwear, clothing, bedding material fabric logo "40 * 40/128 x 68" said warp and weft are 40, warp and weft density is a 128 x 68. Warp and weft density of fabric directly affect the appearance, feel, thickness, strength, permeability, wear, heat and other indicators, that is to say, the latitude and longitude density is an important indicator to determine the clothes to buy. If the fabric of the warp and weft density is not an indicator, then its sales will be greatly affected. The importance of such visible fabric density.
Latitude and longitude density determines the quality of clothing, consumers can experience to judge the quality of clothing. Manufacturers will need data to speak, through the professional density mirror, according to the mirror and other instruments to determine whether raw materials to meet the standard. So how to test fabric density?

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