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How to use, a quick guide from Magicon

Posted by Carol Y. on

  • For Mac and Linux, please plug the device into your computer, and then use corresponding software to open it. 
  • For Windows XP SP 2 and above, including Win 8 32/64 bit, no driver needed, please directly install the software on the mini CD. If you have any problems regarding the mini CD, please download the software on, or contact us.
    a. After software installation, plug the device into PC, open software, select "Preview", then you should be able to see the device working. For more detail information about measurement, please see the User Manual. 
    b. To achieve maximum magnification, please put the microscope on top of the object, rotate the tail of the microscope to change focus. Turn on the LED lights if needed. The zoom capability would decrease as the distance between microscope and objects increase. 
    c. Please don't copy MagiconLLC's products description and photo, all rights reserved.
    d. You might find that the display speed of 5 MP is slow, which depends on your computer's specifications and USB 2.0's transfer rates. We recommend you to use 3 MP for previewing and 5 MP for taking photo, or using the latest Supereyes software v3.54. 

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