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How to calculate a digital microscope's magnification?

Posted by Carol Y. on

Digital microscopes are different from traditional optical microscopes. The magnification of a digital microscope includes both optical and digital magnification. A good way to test the real magnification is using the equations listed below. 
In this equation, we take Supereyes A005+/B008 for example. 
  • A005+/B008 has 5 MP sensor. If you want to calculate model B003+/A005, please change 5 MP to 3 MP.
  • 17" is the most popular monitor in the market. All Supereyes products' specifications are calculated based on 17" monitor. 
  • 2 is 2 mm. Usually, if you use the maximum power/magnification of Supereyes products, the maximum real length that could fully occupied the monitor is 2 mm. 
  • If a microscope has a 0.3 MP sensor, it is unlikely that it has real 500X power. So don't be cheated by some advertisement!

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